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Why does the Italian left always find its thoroughbred abroad?

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Alexis Tsipras was in Rome a few days ago to discuss the launch of an Italian civil society caucus aimed at proposing his candidacy to the EU Commission Presidency. He met with a bunch of intellectuals from the left who have come up few weeks ago with an appello, stating that he could be the […]

Please, Mr. Renzi, debunk this Europe

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Primary elections held yesterday by the Italian Democratic Party have been regarded by pundits as a major turning point for the Italian left. The country is now facing a major challenge in terms of a domestic reappraisal of the principles which lead its policies throughout the post-Cold war years. Will the new leader manage to […]

EU studies in Italy, an evaluation / 1 – post hoc ergo propter hoc?

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The current status of European studies in Italy is far from encouraging, since the discipline has still to a certain extent a minor role with regards to the older and more established disciplines in social sciences. Are EU studies a branch of IR, or a sui generis but still underdeveloped field? How are EU studies […]

“Vincolo esterno”

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Bank of Italy’s former Governor Guido Carli once said that the “vincolo esterno” is the most interesting and useful concept to describe the relationship between Europe and Italy. The “vincolo” helped Italy in three occasions, which have been major turning points for Italy’s foreign policy. When Italy became one of the founding States of the […]

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